Shopping for Clothes Can Be More Efficient Online

We often feel that shopping online is a great way to save time as well as cash. But, shopping for clothes online seems to be outrageous! If this is what you think, you'd surely have a valid point; as, you would not be able to touch and feel the fabric and moreover you'd never get a chance to try it on. But, in reality it is a fact that shopping for clothes online is efficient and saves both time and cash.

You get all the information that you need

It is no problem that one can't sense the items they want to buy. The needed details are there, plus more. It is simply the ideal situation when you can get to find out what it really is like from other customers who have actually worn the item. You may go in a store and buy amazing women's clothing that feels and looks just like you want it, but who can grant you that it will stay like that? You need to know how it remains once worn, washed and ironed.

More choices when you shop online

Another benefit of shopping online is that you would receive many more options. Let's say you're looking out for a red blouse with a particular design. But, in your mall they've only got the green and blue pieces. In such cases, if you shop online you'd probably find the red piece as well.

Weight Gain and Menopause - Simple 3 Step System For Losing Menopause Weight

Weight Gain & Menopause

Simple 3 Step System For Losing Menopause Weight and Keeping It Off

When women experience menopause, they usually gain weight along the mid-section, down to the hips and thighs, giving them an apple-shaped body. And as much as they try to keep in shape by cutting down on calories and exercising regularly, nothing seemed to work. Menopause involves a lot of hormonal changes and imbalances and this triggers weight gain. Add to that the considerably slowing down of metabolism as you age, losing weight during and after menopause might prove to be a really big deal. Read on to learn more about menopause, losing weight and how you can apply it to your daily life.

Depression only gets worse if you see that you are just adding pounds to the scale and entering into what some call the menopause years. Menopause weight gain can make some women feel like they are becoming a new person. Losing weight is one of those things that you need to work hard for and learning the basics of weight gain and loss will be your first step. You need to know what triggers weight gain and you could probably counter it so that you will, instead, lose. It is well-known that hormones are the causes of the increased mid-section so you need to know them better.

Cosmetic Injections 101

Today there are many ways to prevent old age, may it be artificial or not. In regards to the face, a lot of people are willing to spend just to prevent looking old and to be more beautiful. One of the means to do so, thanks to the technology that we have is through cosmetic injections. These are mainly used for the purpose of treating the following:

Forehead lines - A common sign of aging that most people don't want to have.

Crow's feet wrinkles from the outside corners of the eyes - this area of the eyes is easily noticed, some prefer to have it removed.

Line across the bridge of the nose - it can be noticed once the lines are deep.

Frown lines between the eyebrows - Noticeable and would matter especially when talking to someone.

Lines on the throat - this is quite a clear sign of aging.

There are several types of cosmetic injections or rather agents injected to treat signs of old age. Here are the following you might want to check out.

Why Cosmetic Surgery Should Be Your Very Last Resort

If you're getting older and don't like the changes that age has made to your skin, you might be wondering whether it's time to get a facelift, eyelid surgery or jaw lift. These cosmetic procedures are fairly popular and can be tempting. However, they also come with a host of problems, including cost, potential side effects and complications, pain, recovery time and many more. While cosmetic surgery may be the only thing that can help some people look younger, most people have other options. Here's why you should look at diet, lifestyle changes, supplements and many other anti-aging treatments before you go under the knife.


Unless you've been in an accident or have suffered disfigurement as the result of a disease or other medical problem, your insurance probably won't pay for your cosmetic surgery. That means you'll be stuck covering the cost of the surgery and any other related expenses out of pocket. Anti-aging procedures aren't cheap, either. The average cost of a facelift in 2011, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, was $6,408. That number does not cover consultations, preparation appointments or the cost of any necessary revisions.

How To Have A Clear Face With 13 Practical Tips

Do you know that the condition or health of your hair or your skin is a reflection of your overall health? A friend said to me that what we do or do not do to our health, how we live every day and what choices we make every day - can be reflected in the health of our hair and skin. What are your thoughts?

Personally, I agree with her. In fact, my dad and mum mentioned the same thing. How we take care of our bodies internally, especially, makes the big difference - although it is also important to take care of ourselves every day 'on the outside.'

For example, keeping our 'insides' clean (good digestive system, toxins flushed out and liver functioning well) and functioning at optimum health is a lot more important than just doing our daily 'external' cleaning routines. Here, diet and lifestyle play important roles.

I would like to share with you 13 practical tips of how to 'generally' take care of yourself internally and externally to have healthy and good skin. In fact, for those having problem skin like acne or acne prone skin, should make these tips a daily habit or routine.

1) Water Therapy

Maybe some of you have heard of water therapy? I do this every morning. They say it is good to drink 2-3 glasses of plain water first thing in the morning before breakfast. I do think this works because when I do this, I go to the toilet about 30 minutes later to 'get toxins flushed out' of my body. An hour later, I eat breakfast. I drink water throughout the day too.

Top All-In-One Skincare Products

Everyone has their own small collection of products that they use religiously. These items are usually scattered over our bathroom counters or crammed into drawers. Though we may not have the room for them, we still make fervent efforts to assure they are always there. As inconvenient as it is, I am a slave to my skincare routine and will do everything in my power to avoid any sort of compromising. However I have recently been introduced to a couple all-in-one skincare items that might just be the answer to my (and possibly your) prayers. I have always been a little bit skeptical about claims made by all-in-one products thinking, "Can it really do all that?" Though I still remain a little unconvinced with most multi-tasking products, I have found three that really live up to their name!

BB Creams 
If you've walked past a Sephora or opened up a magazine lately, I'm sure you've heard or read about BB creams. These creams are very popular right now, with even drug store brands coming out with their own versions. It is, for the most part, a skincare product however; it can also be used as makeup as well. "Beauty Balm" or "Blemish Balm" is a liquid formula with the appearance of tinted moisturizer. Just like a tinted moisturizer, it provides a light to medium coverage for the entire face while also acting as a primer, powder and SPF. BB creams also help to improve the texture of your skin and contribute to a more even skin tone. By combining the forces of five products into one, you can conserve counter space and save tons of money.

Trendy Back to School Hair Styles for Black Hair

With fashion currently referencing so many different eras and cultures, now is a great time for girls to try out a hairstyle that will set them apart from their classmates.

It is refreshing to see a return to natural looks for black hair. Stars such as Janelle Monae, Esperanza Spalding and Solange Knowles are embracing the spiral curls they were born with, meaning the look is both original and less expensive than paying for relaxers.A great look for those heading back to hallways and campuses is the natural mohawk. Antoinette's Funky Mohawkis High Style It brings the same drama as a pompadour, but can showcase some bold color as well.By cutting the sides short and teasing up the center, students will notice it puts a strong emphasis on their eyes and necks, making it a wise choice for those who like dramatic eye shadow and statement necklaces.Another great look for ladies looking to cut their hair short is the updated pageboy. Dominique's Hair Style features heavy blunt bangs, a popular trend for fall, and showcases healthy, shiny locks.

Looking Lean Without Losing Weight

I am always "meaning" to lose weight, but seldom do I get around to actually following through with this task. Luckily, for people like myself, there are easy ways to fake a more slender appearance without strapping on your athletic wear and cutting carbs.

Facial Contouring 
Facial contouring is the method of using a concealer cream and/or bronzing powder, typically two shades darker than your skin color, to define certain areas of your face and neck. By sucking in your cheeks and applying the cream or powder to the indented area along the jaw line, you can create a subtle shadow that makes your cheekbones stand out. Contouring beneath the chin and throughout the length of your jaw line can create an illusion of an elongated face. Shading your temples on each side of your face can compliment the look, adding to an even narrower face. Not only will you look thinner than you really are, but the contouring also allows for a brighter complexion.

Layered Cuts with Highlights 
We all know horizontal stripes make you look wider and vertical stripes slim you, so why not apply this knowledge to your hair? Highlighting not only brightens your face, but it also elongates it, with vertical contrasting tones. Layered cuts, with the shortest layers beginning just below the chin are also best for rounder faces. Longer layers in the hair can offer volume and bounce, making the face appear smaller in comparison.

50 Life Skills Every Modern Woman Should Know

  1. Open a bottle of champagne.
  2. Drink without getting a hangover the next morning. Tip: Line your stomach with bread, drink one glass of water for every glass of alcohol, and don't drink more than three glasses of red wine.
  3.  Look good in a photo. Tip: Turn your head slightly to one side rather than look the camera head-on; stand (or sit) straight with your shoulders back; arch your back ever so slightly; don't press your arms against your body; unless you have a prominent chin, stick it out just a little to accentuate your jawline.
  4. Remove unwanted body hair the most effectively, painlessly, and affordable way possible for her.
  5. Dump someone gracefully. Tip: Do it in person, if possible; get to the point quickly, choose a time when the other person isn't expected somewhere any time soon (like work... or a wedding); give a reasonable explanation; answer whatever questions he or she may ask.
  6. Write a sincere thank you note.
  7. Set a lovely table, no matter how casual the meal is.

5 Tips for Healthy Hair

Who doesn't want a lovely set of locks as seen on TV? After spending ridiculous amounts of money on shampoo and conditioner combo sets promising silky smooth tresses, I've decided that there must be more I can do to revive my straightened and colored hair. Try the following tips for healthy hair worthy of a hair care commercial.

Eat Healthy 
It's always good to consume a well-balanced diet, but what foods help ensure healthy hair? Choose foods that are high in protein, zinc, biotin, and omega-3 fatty acids. Proteins assist in repairing brittle hair, promote growth, and maintain color. Individuals lacking in zinc intake may experience shedding. Biotin deficiencies can result in brittle hair. Omega-3 fatty acids help to condition hair and support a healthy scalp. 
  • Have some kidney beans with dinner. Kidney beans contain protein, zinc, and biotin. 
  • Snack on some walnuts. Walnuts include omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. 
  • Go for the poultry! Eat chicken and turkey that are high in quality proteins and iron. 
  • Start your day off with some whole grains. Opt for some whole wheat bread or whole grain cereals for breakfast. Whole grains contain zinc, iron, and B vitamins.