Looking Lean Without Losing Weight

I am always "meaning" to lose weight, but seldom do I get around to actually following through with this task. Luckily, for people like myself, there are easy ways to fake a more slender appearance without strapping on your athletic wear and cutting carbs.

Facial Contouring 
Facial contouring is the method of using a concealer cream and/or bronzing powder, typically two shades darker than your skin color, to define certain areas of your face and neck. By sucking in your cheeks and applying the cream or powder to the indented area along the jaw line, you can create a subtle shadow that makes your cheekbones stand out. Contouring beneath the chin and throughout the length of your jaw line can create an illusion of an elongated face. Shading your temples on each side of your face can compliment the look, adding to an even narrower face. Not only will you look thinner than you really are, but the contouring also allows for a brighter complexion.

Layered Cuts with Highlights 
We all know horizontal stripes make you look wider and vertical stripes slim you, so why not apply this knowledge to your hair? Highlighting not only brightens your face, but it also elongates it, with vertical contrasting tones. Layered cuts, with the shortest layers beginning just below the chin are also best for rounder faces. Longer layers in the hair can offer volume and bounce, making the face appear smaller in comparison.

High Heels 
Though they are admittedly a painful and inconvenient option for footwear, there is no denying how amazing high heels make our legs look. Lifted heels define the muscles in our legs, predominantly our calves, making them look leaner and the added height makes our body appear longer. Heels that are thin and at least two inches in height with a tapered toe seem to be the most flattering. Chunkier shoes can make your legs look thick and bulky.

The thought of being stuffed into a girdle can seem daunting, but be relieved to know that there are new available products that have the same body-slimming effects without the pain. Certain brands of shapewear even claim to remove bulges, a common (and unfortunate) consequence of wearing tight garments. Make sure to find a piece that smoothes, lifts and tightens in all the right places while still managing to be somewhat comfortable.

Long Necklaces 
Be strategic in picking out your jewelry pieces. Necklaces that hang low on your chest can offer the illusion of length to your neck. Chunky bracelets and rings draw the eye in, focusing on the hands. Flashy earrings can make your face stand out and draw attention from other areas of your body.

You would be surprised at what a little body conditioning can do for your appearance. Using good posture can make you look instantly thinner. If you don't believe me, go check in the mirror. Standing up straight stretches your body, removing bulges and replacing extra width with extra height.


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